Surprise farewell party for Dave 300 200 Technica Ltd

Surprise farewell party for Dave

Former Grimsby Town player, Dave Boylen, couldn’t believe his eyes when we threw him a surprise retirement party.Dave, who has worked in our stores for the last two years, thought he was heading to the pub for a quiet pint after his last day at work but we had other ideas!

Explains Dave’s friend and manager at Technica, Alan Brown: “I’ve known Dave for over 15 years – he’s a great guy and we just wanted to do something special to mark his retirement.”

Commenting on the surprise party, Dave said: “I’ve worked for a fantastic company in the last two working years of my life but there comes a time when you need to retire.

“I will miss my colleagues, they are a great set of people and this party showed what comradeship they have. I’d like to thank directors Bryan and John for everything they have done for me over the last couple of years.”

Concludes managing director, John Davison: “We wish Dave all the very best for a long and happy retirement but we know he’ll be kept very busy with his two grandchildren and his work as an ambassador for Grimsby Town!”