Technica receives smart energy grant to help reduce carbon emissions 150 150 Technica Ltd

Technica receives smart energy grant to help reduce carbon emissions

Technica is passionate about the environment and minimising the impact we have on the World in terms of our carbon footprint and waste to landfill.

Having achieved another year without putting any waste into landfill, Technica has made further steps towards reducing our carbon emissions and impact on our local community by replacing all of the office lights with LED variants.

This project was paid for in part through a grant of just over £1200 from the Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire fund which is part of a £9.2 million Smart Energy programme. This scheme, supported by the European Regional Development fund allows small to medium sized business across the Greater Lincolnshire area invest in energy saving technology.

The scheme will play an important part of our sustainable future and will provide a significant return on investment in terms of lowering our electricity usage and energy costs.

Technica’s environmental commitment is to ensure that all operations are carried out in a manner which will cause minimum impact on the environment.
These operations extend throughout the business and consider such matters as energy use, disposal of waste, selection of materials and methods of construction, maintenance of plant and vehicles. For further information please see /management-systems.

The Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire project is being delivered by North East Lincolnshire Council on behalf of Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise (LEP).

A total of £5.4 million of the project has come from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to boost renewable energy use in the area and lower carbon emissions.

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