water2Biomethane can be produced via many industries such as farming, waste food, water and sewage. Many methane gas producers could see a real benefit from injecting gas as Biomethane into the UK Gas Network.

In many instances methane gas is already being produced by existing Anaerobic Digesters. Government backed incentives are now available to enable you to inject methane gas into the Gas Network over and above the UK wholesale gas price.

To drive down the capital costs and reduce lead time, Technica have developed a generic design for a fully integrated Network Entry Facility complete with OFGEM Approved Gas Chromatography Analysis, Pressure Reduction, Odorisation, Fiscal Metering, GS(M)R gas analysis and gas rejection.

Technica’s BtG Solution

The design has been independently appraised by GL Noble Denton and is suitable for installation into any of the national gas network areas. The system provides filtration, slam shut valves and pressure reduction equipment to enable the pressure to be regulated to match the network entry point line pressure.

If biogas/biomethane production fails for any reason a shutdown valve and a non-return valve isolates the biogas plant from the gas network entry point main line gas pressure.

The Supervisory Control System monitors conditions of the biogas plant, together with gas quality and prevents gas that does not meet the requirements of GS(M)R entering the gas network. The fiscal metering system is a fully OFGEM approved solution ensuring the FWACV calculation meets the necessary network entry point agreement requirements.

waterExample of Existing Methane Gas Production from Waste Water

1. Domestic waste water heads to sewage processing plant

2. Settlement tanks separate sewage into clean water and sludge

3. Anaerobic digesters break down the waste and produce a thick, odourless waste and methane. By-product of waste solids are removed and sold for use as fuel or fertiliser.

4. Biogas plant cleans methane to remove impurities
5. Clean odorised biomethane injected into gas network