Escobar GasPort

excGNL Escobar (GNLE) is Argentina’s second liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving facility using Excelerate Energy’s Gasport where design and engineering support has been provided by Technica.

Key Project Information
> Direct access to Buenos Aires region and Argentina’s natural gas grid
> 9 months from agreements/terms to in-service
> Peak throughput capacity 600 MMcf/d
(17,0 Mm3/d)

Technica were engaged by Excelerate Energy to provide Mechanical & Civils designs for the High Pressure (HP) Loading Arm Support Risers and Operating & Maintenance platforms. This also comprised the Hydraulic Piping installation. Our engineers provided specialist advice in development of the plant design and during the process design and operability reviews.

Technica were also engaged to design, construct and commission the Local Equipment Room (LER) which contained electrical distribution systems and a complex of marshalling cabinets associated with a combined Distributed Control System required to operate the GNLE plant.

The LER enabled the following systems to be neatly packaged with a pre-tested containerised solution: HP Loading Arm, Ship to Shore Link, Berthing Quick Release Hooks, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Fire and Gas, Emergency Shutdown System (ESD), Plant Control System (PCS) and SCADA work stations.

The Technica team worked closely with the YPF/AESA engineers responsible for the GNLE plant field design to ensure all interfaces were agreed prior to delivery and the LER and associated control systems could be installed with ease. Key to the success of this project was our ability to pre-test all of the LER systems during an Integrated Factory Acceptance Test (iFAT) at our workshops in the UK.

The whole project took only 8 months to design, install and commission, achieving a gas on date in record time.

Project Details

CLIENT: Excelerate Energy
LOCATION: Escobar, Argentina
VALUE: $4.25m
DURATION: 8 Months