During these uncertain times, we believe it is important to communicate with you regarding our plans to deal with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Within Technica we have well established business continuity protocols which allow us to deal with the business continuity event whilst maintaining our service levels for our clients.

I am pleased to say that Technica is still very much open for business and focused on delivering against our existing contracts as well as being available to support the emerging requirements of our clients

Our immediate aims are as follows:

Aim 1 – to protect employees who fall into the vulnerable category. The NHS definition of vulnerable is those over the age of 70 or has a long term medical condition or is pregnant or has a weakened immune system.
Why – we have a duty of care to ensure that we protect the most vulnerable people within our Company so that they can stay healthy and return to work once the immediate crisis is over.
How we will do this – we have approached all of our staff determining who falls within this category and have made plans for these to work remotely. They will receive our full support during this period.

Aim 2 – to continue to operate ‘Business as Usual’.
Why – our aim is to continue to support our clients.
How we will do this – we will continue to open the business on a daily basis to allow employees to continue in their day to day roles. We will however insist that employees show a duty of care to their colleagues by following the Government guidelines regarding self-isolation which we have reiterated to all staff. We are receiving regular updates from many sources including directly from the Government and will continue to adapt our plans as necessary. We have plans drawn up to mitigate the loss of key individuals but in most instances, have other employees who can switch roles seamlessly.
The company will insist that anyone developing or displaying the symptoms of a cough or high temperature whilst at work, goes home and follows the isolation guidelines. We will continue to support any employees who have to self-isolate.

Aim 3 – to secure the Company
Why – in order to fulfil the contracts which we have been awarded and it is a fact that the Coronavirus will pass in time. We need to ensure that the business continues to trade to support our clients and secure our jobs.
How will we do this – our Directors are now undertaking a number of tasks as follows:

Task 3.1 – To drawing up further contingency plans for a greater number of home workers should the situation deteriorate or the need arise – we will communicate this with you when and where necessary
Task 3.2 – To determine the status and security of our current workload i.e. understanding the impact of Coronavirus on our clients, their priorities and continued operations
Task 3.3 – To determine the status of future workload so we can determine what ‘business as usual’ will look like throughout the remainder of 2020
Task 3.4 – To continue to communicate our plans to our clients

Myself and the Directors will keep you updated as the situation changes.

In summary, these are unprecedented times which will have a significant impact on small business such as Technica – we will really need your help, continuance of work, understanding and flexibility to ensure that we are able to support you once this crisis has passed.
We kindly request that you continue to engage with us and communicate your own plans with us as the situation develops.

We stand ready to support any of the following activities:

Construction and Installation
Software Support
Service Support and Routine Maintenance Activities
John Davison
Managing Director