Technica is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed the installation of the first vertical axis wind turbine of its type in the UK.  Working with installation partners Abacus Lighting ( the installation has brought an end to the first phase of this exciting new development project.

The EOW-200 turbine was purchased from our Florida based turbine partner Be-Wind ( and following receipt of planning permission from North East Lincolnshire Council, the installation will serve multiple purposes as Technica look to increase their green credentials.

Firstly, following the signing of a distribution agreement with Be-Wind, the turbine was used as a technology demonstrator for potential customers and other parties interested in renewable energy within the UK.  Secondly, Technica aim to undertake further research and development regarding how the power generated from the turbine can be harnessed in the most efficient way, now with the benefit of real life data and finally, the turbine will be connected to an existing array of solar panels installed at Technica ensuring that the power generated by the turbine will further reduce Technica’s carbon foot-print and demonstrating the utility of combined wind / solar production.

Managing Director of Technica, Richard Law commented “I am delighted that we have finally been able to install the turbine at our Headquarters in Grimsby which is rapidly becoming the wind capital of the UK and we look forward to being able to undertake further research into this novel technology”.  Richard continued “As the UK looks to de-carbonise, we believe that the ability to combine technologies such as this turbine, into local micro-grid energy solutions can make a significant contribution to the UK energy needs”.

Technica has already been working with Chris Bingham, Professor of Energy Conversion at the University of Lincoln ( and will continue to explore opportunities for the use of this technology within the residential and small-scale industrial sectors.

The novel design of the turbine means that it has a much wider generating window than traditional turbines and the small footprint and lightweight structure makes the turbine ideal for installation in either an urban environment or on top of high-rise buildings or masts.

Technica wishes to extend thanks to Abacus for their support during the installation and to our neighbours at Great Coates Motors ( ) for allowing us to access their land during the installation.  We would like to add further recognition to Gina Waterhouse and Humber and Lincolnshire LEP for their assistance.