At Technica we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations and what better way to do this that by encouraging our employees to be more active at the same time.

To do this, we have teamed up with Climategames (, an event and challenge-based app converting health and fitness activities into positive climate action.

The more that our employees run, walk, swim or cycle, the bigger the environmental impact we are able to make.  Climategames fund amazing causes such as planting trees, protecting peatlands, removing plastic from our oceans and sequestering methane and other greenhouse gas emissions as well as providing critical support to humanitarian projects.

Technica have committed to funding 2000 trees, removing 5 tonnes of C02 and 5kg of plastic within a year.

Our June challenge planted 23 trees.

Health and fitness is so important for organisations and provides many benefits for both employees and the employer with an increasing number of people using exercise as a primary means of stress relief and regular exercise leading to less sickness / absence and a generally providing a happier workforce.

The challenge for July is to focus on removing plastic from the oceans and waterways.

Plastic can cause great implications to marine ecosystems, marine health and potentially poses a risk to human health.  A single plastic bag is equivalent to 10g of plastic and one 500ml plastic bottle is equivalent to 20g. This means Technica has committed to removing the weight of 250 plastic bottles.

Eleven days into July, our team has already run 106km, cycled 365km, completed 1.2km in the pool and walked a tremendous 317km removing 1.9 kg of plastic so far.

Chairman of Technica and active ‘Climategamer’ John Davison said “Technica are excited to be able to participate in this great initiative which encourages our employees to live a more active lifestyle whilst cleaning up the environment”.   He continued “We have a range of fitness levels within the business, from ultra marathon runners to people who enjoy a sociable walk and the beauty of Climategames is that every single minute or meter of exercise contributes to this worthwhile cause”.

Technica will continue to post updates of our climate challenge via our website at or via our Linkedin profile.