TURNHOUSE AGI 600 600 Technica Ltd


turnhouseA new AGI was constructed in the Turnhouse area due to the construction of a tram station for Edinburgh’s new electric tram system.

Technica’s scope involved the procurement and installation of all instrumentation, software, telemetry, electrical switchgear and electrical equipment associated with a new AGI. The scope also entailed installing and commissioning equipment associated with a new boiler house and boiler house controls. Following installation completion the installation was then fully tested and commissioned by Technica. Throughout the project Technica managed commercial and technical issues associated with changes made during construction. Technica also represented our client Murphy Pipelines at the end user SGN’s monthly construction review meetings.


 > Equipment Procurement

 > Installation of Cable Management, Surface Ducting and Tray

 > Electrical Installation – New REC supply intake kiosk, 1:1 Transformer, Site Lighting and Exe/Exd Distribution Equipment

 > Instrumentation Installation – Installation of new telemetry, Exi, Exe, Exd Instrumentation Equipment and Hookups

 > Electrical Testing and Certification

 > Impulse Pipework Installation and Testing

 > Instrument Loop/Point to Point Checks

 > Hazardous area inspections

 > Telemetry End to End Tests

 > Final Handover Documentation

TURBO EXPANDER 600 600 Technica Ltd


sgn-imageTechnica were chosen by SGN from their Design Framework as design partners for the St Mary Cray Turbo Expander Project.

The project provides SGN with the option to generate electricity using the CHP and Turbo Expander which can be used as a pressure let down facility rather than via the inefficient traditional pressure reduction streams based on site. Technica provided multidiscipline design and engineering services associated with the installation of a new Atlas Copco two stage Turbo Expander (TE) , Combined Heat & Power (CHP) unit and Boiler package. The design of Process Gas system allowed the gas to be heated using gas/water heat exchangers.

The water system was designed to enable the water to be heated by reject heat from a new Combined Heat & Power (CHP) set coupled to a synchronous 4MW 11kV generator. This heating requirement was further augmented by a new medium pressure hot water boiler.

Technica were also responsible for the design, construction and implementation of the Plant Control System (PCS) which is central to the controls associated with the individual TE, CHP and Boiler control systems. Two new HV Switch rooms were designed allowing final connection to the EDF 11kV local distribution network.


 > Feasible Study

 > Conceptual Design

 > Detailed Design

 > Equipment Specification

 > HV Electrical Switchhear

 > HV Electrical Network Analysis

 > LV & HV Switch Room Civils

 >LV Electrical System

 >Control & Instrumentation

 > SIL Assessments

 > Functional Safety

 > Process Gas System P&ID’s

 > Water System P&ID’s

 > Plant Control System Software

 > Plant Control System Design, Build & Commission

 > Third Part Vendor Management

 > FAT Attendance

 > Commissioning Support

AGUIRRE GASPORT 600 600 Technica Ltd


exellTechnica were appointed by Excelerate Energy to conduct the Front End Engineering Design (FEED), Onshore and Offshore designs for the development of the Aguirre Offshore GasPort® Project.

This project is based on Excelerate’s floating offshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification facility. The Aguirre GasPort will be located approximately four miles offshore of the southern coast of Puerto Rico and will utilise one of Excelerate Energy’s 150,900m3 floating storage and regasification vessels. LNG supply will be delivered to an Excelerate Energy FSRU through periodic transfers from traditional LNG carriers via Excelerate Energy’s proprietary ship-to-ship LNG transfer protocol. The LNG supply transfer will take place while LNG is continually being regasified and delivered into the Central Aguirre Plant by the Energy Bridge FSRU, ensuring a continuous supply of natural gas.

The services were carried out and coordinated from our Grimsby based office with regular meetings in the UK and Puerto Rico. Following completion of the detailed design and successful permitting the facility is expected to be in service in 2015.


 > FEED Basis of Design Report

 > Input to Excelerate Energy’s FERC Application

 > Ongoing support for FERC – Application queries

 > Offshore Design

  • Offshore structure
  • Topsides
  • HP Gas & LNG Arms
  • Process Design
  • Power Generation
  • Controls

> Onshore Design

  • Civil infrastructure
  • Piping
  • Pressure Reduction & Gas Heating
  • Interface to existing power plant
  • Fiscal Metering
  • Power & Controls

> Project Engineering


> EPC Cost estimate

UNITED UTILITIES 600 600 Technica Ltd


tech2Technica carried out the detail design services for several water and waste water treatment site upgrades.

The designs were based on client provided P&ID’s. electrical drive and instrument schedules. The scopes covered the interface of instrumentation, actuated valves, pumps, telephone system, intruder system, fire/gas systems and telemetry to the associated MCCs and ICA panels.

The electrical design and engineering also involved extensive HV electrical redesign.

Services Technica provided on these projects:

> Electrical Design

  • Liaison with REC regarding switchboard replacement.
  • Cable calculations, discrimination studies, lighting and earthing.
  • Telephone system design.
  • Intruder and fire alarm system designs.

> Instrument Design – data sheets and loop diagrams

> Instrumentation and Electrical Field Equipment Installation

> Electrical Distribution, Lighting and Small Power

> Cabling BS5467 and BS5308

> Cable Management, Heacy Duty Ladder and Tray

> Electrical Testing and Certification

> Instrument Loop/Point to Point Checks

> Project Handover Documentation

IRFT 600 600 Technica Ltd


tech1The Immingham Renewable Fuels Terminal is the world’s largest dedicated biomass handling facility. The new facility uses continuous ship unloaders to offload wood pellets from vessels on to a
conveyor system which moves the pellets through the Associated British Ports (ABP) Immingham facility into storage silos and from there onward to a train loading facility. The biomass is loaded onto trains for transport onward to Drax power station.

The pellets have been discharged using ABP’s bespoke continuous ship unloaders, which feed the product onto a conveyor system connected to Immingham Renewable Fuels Terminal (IRFT), where it will be stored in eight silos, each capable of holding 25,000 tonnes of biomass, before being loaded onto trains for the final part of its journey.

Technica were chosen to provide the functional safety design, instrumentation design and the Emergency Shutdown and Terminal Control Systems.

Technica were also responsible for the design, manufacture, configuration and site commissioning of the Emergency Shutdown and Terminal Control Systems.

Technica provided a range of design and engineering services associated with:

  • Detailed Design
  • Equipment Specification
  • Third party interfaces. MV drivers, LV drives, continuous ship unloaders, Train loading
  • Contribution to various multidiscipline and vendor design reviews including, P&ID, Hazop and LoPA
  • Control & Instrumentation
  • Functional Safety, including Safet Requirment Specification and SIL calculations
  • System P&ID’s
  • Emergency Shutdown and Terminal Control Systems (Design, Build, software configuration)
BIOMETHANE TO GRID (BtG) 600 600 Technica Ltd


water2Biomethane can be produced via many industries such as farming, waste food, water and sewage. Many methane gas producers could see a real benefit from injecting gas as Biomethane into the UK Gas Network.

In many instances methane gas is already being produced by existing Anaerobic Digesters. Government backed incentives are now available to enable you to inject methane gas into the Gas Network over and above the UK wholesale gas price.

To drive down the capital costs and reduce lead time, Technica have developed a generic design for a fully integrated Network Entry Facility complete with OFGEM Approved Gas Chromatography Analysis, Pressure Reduction, Odorisation, Fiscal Metering, GS(M)R gas analysis and gas rejection.

Technica’s BtG Solution

The design has been independently appraised by GL Noble Denton and is suitable for installation into any of the national gas network areas. The system provides filtration, slam shut valves and pressure reduction equipment to enable the pressure to be regulated to match the network entry point line pressure.

If biogas/biomethane production fails for any reason a shutdown valve and a non-return valve isolates the biogas plant from the gas network entry point main line gas pressure.

The Supervisory Control System monitors conditions of the biogas plant, together with gas quality and prevents gas that does not meet the requirements of GS(M)R entering the gas network. The fiscal metering system is a fully OFGEM approved solution ensuring the FWACV calculation meets the necessary network entry point agreement requirements.

waterExample of Existing Methane Gas Production from Waste Water

1. Domestic waste water heads to sewage processing plant

2. Settlement tanks separate sewage into clean water and sludge

3. Anaerobic digesters break down the waste and produce a thick, odourless waste and methane. By-product of waste solids are removed and sold for use as fuel or fertiliser.

4. Biogas plant cleans methane to remove impurities
5. Clean odorised biomethane injected into gas network

TEESIDE GASPORT 600 600 Technica Ltd


yeesideBuilt to accommodate the proprietary technology of Excelerate Energy’s specialised Energy Bridge Regasification Vessel fleet, the GasPort project required less land-based infrastructure than conventional onshore terminals. As a result, the project took less than a year to design, permit and construct for £40 million; onetenth the cost of a traditional onshore terminal.

The project allows the regasification vessel to revaporise gas onboard the ships and offload high pressure gas through a specially designed off-loading arm, across a jetty and into a pipeline. This delivers the gas into the National Transmission System at the Teesside Gas Processing Plant operated by PX (TGPP) Limited.
The GasPort facility was commissioned in 2007 and immediately put into service to allow Excelerate Energy to deliver at peak rates of up to 600 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. It is capable of initially importing up to 4 LNG cargoes per month, each containing the equivalent of approximately three billion cubic feet of natural gas.
Technica were engaged by Murphy Pipelines Ltd to design, manage and install the entire Electrical, C&I, Fire & Gas, Security and Control System scope of works.

> Specification & Procurement of Electrical, C&I equipment and Material
> Complete Communication System Detailed Design
> Electrical Detailed Design
> C&I Detailed Design
> Project Management of Site Installation
> Project Management of Specialist Sub-Contractors (including ESD Systems, DCS, Offloading Arm and Marine Berthing Systems)
> Factory Acceptance Tests
> Site Acceptance Tests
> Electrical, C&I and Communications, Installation (including 6.5km Dual, Redundant Fibre Optic Backbone)
> Site Test and Commissioning
> Ongoing Support for Site Optimisation

Escobar GasPort 545 532 Technica Ltd

Escobar GasPort

excGNL Escobar (GNLE) is Argentina’s second liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving facility using Excelerate Energy’s Gasport where design and engineering support has been provided by Technica.

Key Project Information
> Direct access to Buenos Aires region and Argentina’s natural gas grid
> 9 months from agreements/terms to in-service
> Peak throughput capacity 600 MMcf/d
(17,0 Mm3/d)

Technica were engaged by Excelerate Energy to provide Mechanical & Civils designs for the High Pressure (HP) Loading Arm Support Risers and Operating & Maintenance platforms. This also comprised the Hydraulic Piping installation. Our engineers provided specialist advice in development of the plant design and during the process design and operability reviews.

Technica were also engaged to design, construct and commission the Local Equipment Room (LER) which contained electrical distribution systems and a complex of marshalling cabinets associated with a combined Distributed Control System required to operate the GNLE plant.

The LER enabled the following systems to be neatly packaged with a pre-tested containerised solution: HP Loading Arm, Ship to Shore Link, Berthing Quick Release Hooks, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Fire and Gas, Emergency Shutdown System (ESD), Plant Control System (PCS) and SCADA work stations.

The Technica team worked closely with the YPF/AESA engineers responsible for the GNLE plant field design to ensure all interfaces were agreed prior to delivery and the LER and associated control systems could be installed with ease. Key to the success of this project was our ability to pre-test all of the LER systems during an Integrated Factory Acceptance Test (iFAT) at our workshops in the UK.

The whole project took only 8 months to design, install and commission, achieving a gas on date in record time.

Lavaca Bay LNG 545 532 Technica Ltd

Lavaca Bay LNG

gulfTechnica were appointed by Excelerate Energy to conduct the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) work for the development of the first floating gas liquefaction facility in the United States utilising its Floating Liquefaction Storage Offloading vessel (FLSO™) technology. The facility will be situated on the Texas Gulf Coast, and will be designed to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) to markets worldwide by 2017.

A single FLSO vessel can support 4 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) of production capacity, 250,000 cubic meters (m³) of LNG storage, with a fully integrated gas processing plant. With this gas processing capability, the FLSO accommodates a wide range of gas compositions at its inlet making it well suited for virtually any application near shore or offshore. The gas processing equipment can be removed and liquefaction capacity increased to 5 MTPA for those situations where there are existing gas processing facilities or where pipeline quality gas is used as the feedstock.

The FLSO will measure 338 meters in length, with a breadth of 62 meters. FEED has been carried out from our Grimsby based office with regular meetings in the UK and Houston.

> FEED Basis of Design Report
> Input to Excelerate Energy Federal Energy Regulatory Commision (FERC) Application queries
> Ongoing support for FERC Application queries
> Design

  • Civil infrastructure
  • AGI Design
  • Gas Compression
  • Process design
  • Power Generation
  • Loading arms
  • Controls
  • Piping
  • Fiscal Metering
  • Interface to FLSO

> Project engineering
> EPC Cost Estimate

Star Energy 700 700 Technica Ltd

Star Energy

star1Technica were employed to provide mechanical and instrumentation survey services for the existing oil process plant. The site was surveyed and compared against legacy Piping and Instrumentation Drawings.

Where differences are found these are reflected on the amended drawings produced as part of this work. All plant items and untagged plant was identified and recorded on the P&IDs and site asset register.

Where items of plant were untagged new tag numbers were developed and these tags updated on associated documentation.

star2The scope of the project consisted of:
> Identify and locate existing drawings
> Site surveys conducted to establish accuracy of existing drawings
> Electronic copies modified to reflect as-built status
> Compile site asset register
> Management of site tagging system

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